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Cloud Computing Fall 2020

Welcome to the Cloud Computing Fall 2020! On this page you will find all learning materials you need to learn in order to pass the course.

Please note that this lecture is worth 4 ECTS. This is calculated to be roughly 112 hours of study/exercise/project work (5-7 hours per week recommended).


In order to pass this course you are expected to have an understanding of computer systems and networks (operating a Linux system, IP addresses, netmasks, etc) as well as basic skills in writing shell scripts. You will also require a computer you can install a small number of tools on (Terraform, etc).


Lectures are provided on the lectures page. Each lecture contains a text document, a PPTX, an audio book in MP3 format, as well as a video. You can also listen to individual sections from the text document. All content is available in all formats so you only need to use the formats you prefer.

The theory test will require an understanding of these materials. Take a look at the sample questions included in the text version.


Exercise sections are provided on the exercises page. Each exercise session is provided as a written tutorial. Source code is provided as a Git repository.

You are expected to do each exercise session at least once.

Project work#

Project work is based on the practice sessions. Your project work assignment is described on the project work page. Deadlines are described on the deadlines page.

You are expected to hand in your project work continuously, please don't leave it for the last second. You have the option to hand in early.

Online consultations & getting help.#

Online consultations are provided on a regular basis. Please find detailed description on how to find help on the getting help page.

Grading & testing#

Grading is described on the grading page. Testing is described on the testing page.

About us#

Peter Wenzl#


  • Computer Science Master (Dipl. Ing.), TU Wien, 2000
  • Telecoms Focused Career
  • Ericsson Austria
  • mobilkom Austria
  • Oracle Austria GmBH (CGBU)
  • Frequentis AG

Janos Pasztor#


  • Software developer and DevOps engineer background (10+ years experience)
  • Cloud Focused Career
  • Currently: Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat
  • Previously: Deloitte, A1 Group, Entrecloud (startup), Ixolit group, Docler group
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer & Certified Kubernetes Administrator